The Right Number

I just read the first part of Scott McCloud’s new online comic, The Right Number. He describes it as “a new online graphic novella about math, sex, obsession and phone numbers.” This is also the first time McCloud tries out a micropayment scheme, which he’s been talking about for years (see his REINVENTING COMICS book). This first chapter, which is quite long, is only 25 cents, and you pay through a system called BitPass. The sign-up process is very quick and easy (I got a 3$ account, and paid through PayPal, but you can also pay with credit cards), and I think it’s probably a fair way for artists to make a bit of money with the stuff that they create and put online. Lets hope that other comic creators that have a hard time getting their books published (Peter Bagge, who just got another book cancelled at DC, comes to mind) might be able to continue creating works and make a living out of it by using a system like this.