Oh! Mikey


Big news for all you OH! MIKEY fans (from REALTOKYO):

It’s Mikey again! Not only is the popular “Oh! Mikey” series back on TV with a new edition (on Saturdays on TV Tokyo,17:15), but, as last year, another film festival with new “Mikey” stories is going to be held this year, too. And don’t you make fun of that manikin family! With his occasional affairs, daddy’s a real dandy, and mummy we see always wrapped in a shiny aura and sexy outfits. Add to this cute little Mikey himself, and what you get is definitely good stuff! Director Ishibashi must have had some kind of traumatic experience with girls in his childhood. However, this is someting that deserves a broader audience and not only kids, and you can in fact even call it art.

The event takes place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu on July 19. I’m just glad it’s back on TV, and I’ll try to remember to watch it next week.