Yuko is watching one of her favorite shows now, a sort of trivia quiz game. They show wacky trivia that people sent in, and then the “tarento” press a button that makes the sound “ee” (the sound Japanese people make when they’re surprised about something). The more times the button is pressed, the more money the person that sent in the trivia gets. Just now there was a bit about how in Argentina they use old trains from Tokyo’s Marunouchi line. They don’t even change anything in the trains, everything is still written in Japanese.

For fans of comedian Egashira 2:50 (the very few of us), he now has a new segment on Saturday’s MECHA MECHA IKETERU. It’s EGARAP, where he has to teach us some Japanese history all the while doing a crazy rap with him doing his typical hi-tension moves. Hilarious. Yuko found a website that sells t-shirts of him, and I’m definitely planning on getting one when I get back from Canada.

The TV is now on CCTV Daifu, the Chinese channel we get on SkyPerfecTV. Yuko (who ordered it) watches it to practice her Chinese listening, and I just like watching the commercials and the odd variety show. It’s frightening.

Listening to “The Joke” from the album Asian Takeaways by Jing Ting.