I’m really liking the iTrip I bought just before coming to Canada. It’s what lets me use my iPod in the car when I drive around, wirelessly transmitting to any FM frequency of my choosing, and it was perfect for last night when I had a litlle get together at my parent’s house and used that with the stereo to blast tunes during the evening. I can see it being useful also when I get back to Tokyo, if I go to a friend’s place and I want to have them listen to some stuff I have in the iPod. The only tricky part at first was to find the right frequency (you have to find a frequency that isn’t near another strong signal, and you want something that falls in the 96-103 range for better results – I’ve found that 99.1 is perfect in Moncton, New Brunswick), which meant some trial and error, but since then it’s been working perfectly. Great little gadget.