First Novel for Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis, one of my favorite authors, is finally getting a novel published. Here’s the press release:

Senior Editor Josh Behar has just acquired rights from Lydia Wills of Writers and Artists to the first novel by best-selling comic book writer Warren Ellis, who has authored two of DC’s hottest franchises; The Authority and Transmetropolitan. This comic tour of the dark underbelly of American culture features a down-and-out private detective who is hired by heroin-addled G-men to find the lost Constitution to the United States. Publication is slated for Winter/Spring 05.

And here’s what Warren added to it:

That’s actually lost secret Constitution of the United States, wrapped in the skin of the alien who plagued the noble back passage of Benjamin Franklin during dark days in Paris. But Benjamin Franklin wasn’t some wimpy horror novelist who took it lying down. One night he got up, killed the little bastard with one punch and skinned him. What’s the novel about? No bloody idea. I suppose I’d better finish it.

Can’t wait to read this. And for those of you who haven’t read any TRANSMETROPOLITAN trades, well that’s just a shame.