William Gibson

I just finished watching the documentary NO MAPS FOR THESE TERRITORIES, a look at cyberpunk author William Gibson. This was shown at the onedotzero_nippon festival last year (it was even the subject of one of my first posts on this site), and although I couldn’t see it then, I’ve been patiently waiting for a chance to see it. Quite interesting if not ground-breaking for someone who has followed Gibson through the years, it’s definitely worth checking out not just for the subject matter but also for the very visual edits. If interested in getting it on DVD, you can get more info at this site. Gibson was writing a regular blog up until last week, when he announced that he needed to get back to work on a new novel, and that he felt like updating a blog would interfere with this. Too bad. I’m still waiting for the paperback release of his most recent book, PATTERN RECOGNITION.