Taking Notes

When I go to Junkudo (the big bookstore near my apartment) to check out magazines, I always bring along my notebook/agenda in order to take notes on things that I want to further explore. I just came back from one of those “research sessions,” and I thought I’d share my notes with you. The comments in italics were added for this post.

Prefabricated housing, and the company that designed this particular model.

The Metropolitan Hotel, Bangkok
Looks like a nice boutique hotel that I wouldn’t mind staying in when I’m in Bangkok. Don’t know if I could afford it though.

Looks like a nice book. Couldn’t find a link for it online, but there are two images of his here.

Fatherfucker – PEACHES
I need to listen to this.

Earthstation 5 P2P programs
An organization based in Beirut (or something like that), where American copyright laws can’t touch them.

Need to find out if I can find some good free nodes in Tokyo.

Design Goods:
O-parts Shop Aoyama
5-6-6-102 Minami-Aoyama

Delfonics Shibuya
Parco Part 1 B1
15-1 Utagawa
There’s a Delfonics shop in Ikebukuro’s Parco that I visit often. The notebook/agenda I use is from there.

Sumitomo Fudousan Bldg. 1F
11-1 Daikanyama
I’ve been to this shop before, but wanted a reminder to go again. Lots of beautiful objects.

Whitehouse & Co.
5-2-15 2F Jingumae
Never heard of this one, but it looked quite nice from the picture in the magazine.

Cibone Aoyama
Aoyama Bell Commons B1
2-14-6 Kita-Aoyama
This is a real nice design and furniture shop I’ve visited before. Again, it’s a reminder to go again.

The latest issue of CASA BRUTUS was particularly interesting, and I think I might end up buying it. It featured a report on design oriented sights, shops and restaurants in Osaka, and since I’m heading there next month I figure it would make a good guide of places to check out while I’m there.