Baby Milo Versus Kubrick

I had lunch with Nadine of Tokyo Shoes earlier this week at the very cool Cube Zen in Aoyama, and she gave me this little horse from the Kubrick and Baby Milo collaboration. Gotta get me a soldier or a general to ride him. Update (16/08/13): The photo is unfortunately no longer available, and I […]

Douche Magazine

I’m waiting for my copy of the first issue of Douche Magazine. I can’t say much about the magazine before reading it but since is featured it’s gotta be good. Except in North America you will only find the magazine at me jolly favourite store in Paris; Colette. Update (16/08/13): This post was written […]


Yesterday’s Daily Yomiuri also featured a great article on one of my definite guilty pleasures, pop-rap duo Halcali. I’ll remind you also that you can see a live performance by them in the fourth episode of the BBC show ADAM AND JOE GO TOKYO. I really need to pick up their debut album, BACON. And […]


A couple of articles appeared in yesterday’s Daily Yomiuri covering the Tokyo International Film Festival, one covering the festival in general, and one taking a look at the Fantastic Film Festival part of it. By the way, this is the first time I’ve actually read articles from that paper online. As of yesterday I’ve cancelled […]


The new issue of online magazine Cozytone is very tasty indeed. Includes a contribution by Joshua Davis, who wrote the great Flash to the Core, which I picked up earlier this year. Down

For those wondering what’s up with (one of my fave blogs on the net), the following message by Cory Doctorow was posted at Joi Ito’s site: Boing Boing has been down for a couple of days. We’re having server problems and working on them — I hope to be up in a day or […]

Tokyo Motor Show 2003

Paul at IN-duce recently went to the Tokyo Motor Show 2003 (he’s a designer working for Honda) and he just updated his site with tons of pics he took. Have a look at the future of automobiles.

Movies on GB Advance

Dunno if this is old news, but still news to me. “AM3 Adapter Allows Viewing of Movies on Game Boy Advance. AM3 (Japan) announced that it will release an adapter and movie card set to allow viewing of movies on the Game Boy Advance. Both Anime and standard movies can be viewed with the adapter […]

California is burning!

A different, more beautiful perspective on the fires in California. Totally terminating the state. Check out a bigger picture here Speaking about beauty. Check out the semi-new video by White Stripe; Hardest button to button. I like conceptual videos following the beat of the music. Cornelius seems to succeed with this quite often. Update (16/08/13): […]