Tofu Records

Tofu Records is a new label started by Sony to release J-pop music in North America. What they’re releasing is definitely not the type of stuff that I like to listen to, but I still think it’s nice to see this kind of distribution happen. It can be very expensive to buy Japanese music because of the high costs of imports (although Tokyo Recohan can help you if you don’t mind buying used), so just as Matador Records releasing Pizzicato Five albums made me happy when I was still living in Canada, I can imagine that a lot of North American J-pop fans are going to be very happy with this. Today’s DAILY YOMIURI featured an article on the label.

The same paper also had an article on LFO (Mark Bell), who’s in town to promote his new album, and who will be doing a few shows here in November. I mentioned the great LFO video for the song “Freak” a few weeks ago.