Designing with Web Standards

0735712018.01.MZZZZZZZI am presently reading web designer Jeffrey Zeldman’s DESIGNING WITH WEB STANDARDS, which I’m quite enjoying. I was very proud of the fact that when I did this version of the site (which was launched in March of this year), that it was done using CSS (giving myself a crash course), and this book just confirms how right I was in doing that. I’m now looking to improve my design skills, which I’ll put in action during the next redesign of this site (remember, change is good). So right now I’m trying to get a better handle on XHTML and XML, and I want this present version of the site to be cleaner (and obviously meaner). I’ve been following Zeldman for a while through his excellent blog, The Daily Report, as well as through his online magazine, A LIST APART (it’s presently undergoing a redesign, but you still have access to all the archives). Another blog I like to follow is Douglas Bowman’s Stopdesign. He’s another CSS/XHTML (or XML) advocate who was behind the redesign early this year of the Wired News site.

On top of the web stuff, I’ve got another secret project in the works, something I’ll call PLR. It’s a thing I’ve dreamed of doing for years, and I think something is finally going to happen. If it happens, it’ll be over the next few months, and I’ll give out more details when things start to cement.

Edit: Just found this interview with Zeldman at LOUNGE72.