4877381910.09.MZZZZZZZART iT, the new bilingual art magazine by the folks behind the REALTOKYO site if finally getting its launch. You’ll also be able to buy it through the Amazon Japan store. Here’s the blurb from the REALTOKYO site:

REALTOKYO presents its new art magazine, “ART iT.” In this country where serious-minded art journalism doesn’t really exist, the launch of this bilingual quarterly is hopefully going to make waves. Next to interviews with the likes of Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, or Mori Art Museum director David Elliott, the first issue includes features of “10 up-and-coming artists from Japan” selected by ART iT, as well as a sidesplittingly funny yet essential discussion between Sugimoto Hiroshi and Tsuzuki Kyoichi, plus columns by Ueshima Keiji, Onishi Wakato, Shinsan Nameko and others. Above this, for only 1,000 yen the magazine comes with detailed exhibition information for 64 galleries around Japan, and we hope you feel now like getting your copy right away when the magazine hits the stores on 10/17.