RSS Feeds

I’ve finally decided to make my RSS feeds public (which should make some of you happy). They come in two flavors: everything, meaning pics and text, or a simple excerpts version. The links to these feeds also appear in the sidebar.

Work continues on the new version of the site (dare I call it 3.0). I’ve got a basic structure I like, and now I’m working on content, how to group things together, etc. Still lots of tweaking to be done with the styles also. It’s fun doing this kind of work again, as I hadn’t really been coding since the last major revision of the site (did a bit of MT work when I had to change servers a few months ago though). It’s also fun creating something new from scratch. Now don’t worry, I think that if you like the way the site is now you’ll still appreciate what I’m doing to refresh it. The colors are also completely changing (no worries Paul, I’m not going back to the sakura version).