Future Design Days


Tonight I went to an short introduction event for this years edition of Future Design Days, a design festival in the small town of Boras, south of Gothenburg. I visited the event last year, had a jolly good time and was both impressed and surpriced by the magnificant arrangement. Along with many others it seems, since Future Design Days won the “event of the year”-award at SHIE + Event Solutions 2003 conferences.

The event is organized by the lovely people at Futurelab and this year they were kind enough to take us in as partners. The event takes place in November and I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with the worlds design elite. For you japan-freaks Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham may seem familiar since they are based in Tokyo. Also Kym Barret (costume designer for Matrix etc.) might interest you – just to name a few.

Update (16/08/13): This post was written by Jesper Larsson, as part of a week-long “Next Century Modern Blog” guest stint he did on the site. The image is unfortunately no longer available.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.