Readymade Singles

s-rmlp-0015_dj440 s-rmlp-0016_halfby s-rmlp-0017_karia

Readymade International, Yasuharu Konishi’s record label, released a trio of singles/EPs on vinyl last week that I’ve been giving quite a few listens to (and thanks to Patrick for those rips, I do hope these will come out on CD in the near future). First up (and in order of the images that you see above the text) is a single by DJ 440 (pronounced “yo-shi-o,” as the jacket cover tells us, and supposedly an alter-ego of Konishi himself) called DJ 440’S INCREDIBLE MAMBO BAND that features lots and lots of bongos. I’ve actually been enjoying those bongo beats, more than I expected. Next is an EP by Halfby (someone I’ve never heard of) called AND THE COATI MUNDI EP. It’s rather good club-pop, definitely in the style of old Readymade releases. Last, and the release I was most looking forward to hearing, is a new EP by Karia Nomoto, ARIA, KARIA, MARIA EP. There are 5 tracks, but the first 2 are purely instrumental and serve as somekind of intro, but they’re quite good. Another track is actually a very different version of a song she did on the latest Hair album, SEE ROMA AND DIE. I absolutely love the track, and it sounds like something straight out of a 60s musical. When I hear it I imagine Karia traipsing alongside Catherine Deneuve in LES PARAPLUIES DE CHERBOURG. The last track on the EP is one I have the most trouble with, mostly because of the extremely lame lyrics. It also has a techno-ish beat that I don’t care for, although it does remind me of HAPPY END OF THE WORLD era Pizzicato Five.