I recently got my hands on the latest issue of German design magazine FORM (thanks again, Lil). Very similar in content to the Japanese magazine AXIS (I’ve even spotted an ad for FORM in AXIS), it takes a hard look at happenings in the design world. The magazine is bilingual (German and English).

More Manhole Covers

If you liked the picture of the manhole cover I posted yesterday, then head on over to Martine Cotton‘s site. She’s compiled an amazing page full of them. I didn’t know there was such a beautiful variety.

Connelly in Dark Water

Seems like there’s a strong possibility that Jennifer Connelly will star in the American remake of Hideo Nakata’s DARK WATER. Nakata also directed the first RING film. DARK WATER is not bad, and has its share of good creepy moments.

Tofu Records

Tofu Records is a new label started by Sony to release J-pop music in North America. What they’re releasing is definitely not the type of stuff that I like to listen to, but I still think it’s nice to see this kind of distribution happen. It can be very expensive to buy Japanese music because […]

Takeshi Kaneshiro

This week’s issue of TIME ASIA features two articles of note for fans of Asian cinema. First, there’s a look at Japanese/Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, who happens to be an actor I really like (I’ve always loved him every since seeing him in Wong Kar-Wai’s FALLEN ANGELS – saw him more recently in Japan’s big […]


Just a quick note to say that my mail program just crashed as I was checking mail when getting back from work, and it seems to have lost all of the messages that I received during the day. If you emailed me about something, please send it again. Thank. Had yakiniku with my assistant’s family […]

Muji Outdoor

Oh no, this is definitely not going to help me get over my Muji obsession. They seem to have an online MUJI Outdoor Shop now. Admittedly they don’t have much there, but it’s part of some kind of Muji Outdoor Web, so the shop could be just the first few steps in that direction.