B00006RT89.09.MZZZZZZZTRICK is by far my wife’s favorite series, and it’s gained quite a following in Japan. It started out as two series on TV (Yuko has the second series’ DVD set), which then lead to a movie being released last year (we also own the DVD of this), and now the present TV season sees a 3rd series. It stars Yukie Nakama (who I admit to absolutely loving) and Hiroshi Abe as an odd pair who are constantly drawn together to uncover tricksters and such. The show is wacky, and I finally got a chance to see the movie with English subtitles. Now I see why Yuko never stops raving about it. It’s the excentricities that really stand out, and I’m not even catching all of it (for instance, they’ll have an old idol play a character that kills someone violently), but enough to have fallen in love with the show. I think I’ll start watching the TV show with Yuko, even if I can’t understand all of it (I find myself understanding the jokes, but not all of the dialogue that relates to plot points).