NM-5-40The other day I mentioned the recent GIANT ROBOT cover with a 326 illustration on its cover. The following is what seems to be his official site. There’s a neat service where you can get daily calendar images downloaded to your mobile phone (100 yen per month). This online shop is selling a bunch of new postcards by him (one of them is pictured in this post). A few years ago you would find tons of 326 related goods on sale everywhere, but not anymore. From the interview in GR, it seems that this has been done on purpose, with the artist wanting to concentrate on other things, like illustrated books and such. He even worked on the designs of a PS2 game. It’s a music game, a bit like the PARAPPA series, where you must play the guitar to destroy your enemies. All designs and characters are by 326, so the game looks great. I picked up the demo (they were selling it for 1000 yen, and you just get the first few levels) 2 years ago. It was fun, but a bit on the challenging side. In the GR interview he talks about working on a videogame, but it’s not clear whether he’s talking about a new one, or this old one.