Back to Work


I’ve finally started work on a new issue of GEISHA, which will be #9. I thought I was just going to start work on it in a week, when my holidays start (lucky me, I have 3 weeks off), but a few ideas popped into my head and so I experimented a bit. Don’t know if I’ll have a lot of time to work on it this week, as it’s going to be busy and stressful at work, but let me assure you that a new issue will be out before Christmas.

Oh, and the new issue of RELAX is so fun. The theme is okaimono (shopping goods), and it’s just page after page of beautiful things. And the Groovisions section was featuring some t-shirts I would love to have. Anyone know a good place to get Groovisions stuff? I haven’t seen much in stores since the Chupa-Chups and Brockmans. While I was at Junkudo I looked through the Groovisions Gas book (again), and I’m feeling an urge to be surrounded by more GRV goodness. I so miss the monthly desktop calendars they used to make for Hankyu Railways. It’s a shame they stopped that.