Readymade Magazine 2

rmm_no2One of the reasons I just wrote about the Amaranth Lounge is because I just watched the DVD that accompanies the second issue of Readymade magazine (that Patrick kindly lent to me). The track mentioned is one featured during the absolutely lovely performances by the Romantica girls. It’s the return of burlesque, and I’m loving it. It brought me back to 96-97 when I was listening to a lot of exotica and enjoying frequent martinis at the Jello Bar in Montreal. Romantica are gorgeous (especially the girl that reminds me of a young Diana Riggs) and their performances are outstanding. I had a chance to see them live at the Readymade festival that took place at Yellow last December. Popular as they were, it was hard to see anything, but the glimpses I caught were definitely enticing. I hope Readymade International releases more Romantica stuff, even a soundtrack. And I need to see another live performance.