Keiichi Tanaami

dm_tanaamiI can’t say that I’ve heard of Keiichi Tanaami, but his new exhibit at Gallery 360 sounds like it could be interesting. Here’s what REALTOKYO says: The great master Tanaami Keiichi has been crisscrossing genres since the 1960s, and thanks to his indefatigable activities the hair-splitting separation of art and design has become almost an absurdity. The presence of this man, whose images were imitated by a famous European brand for use in their products, is as strong as ever, yet his continuously punkish attitude keeps him off the “grand old man” pedestal. In this exhibition the maestro unveils new animation works (collaborations with Ikunishi Yasunori, Kakegawa Yasunori, Kuknacke, Aihara Nobuhiro, and Agata Morio)! Other recent projects include reproductions of costumes that the “Japanese Nico” (if you’ll allow me to exaggerate), Matsuoka Kikko wore 37 years ago. Could we be in for another round of psychedelics?