GGG Books

As mentioned in one of my Takashi Kono posts, I picked up a book in the GGG design series at the show. This is a series of very attractive and affordable books (only 1200 yen) that I spotted a while back at Junkudo. They’re small in size with a hard cover, reminding me a bit of children’s books, and bilingual (although text is minimal, the images take center stage). What’s nice is that they mostly cover Japanese designers, and the collection is quite vast (the Takashi Kono book, the latest release, is number 63). I’ll certainly be getting some more books in the series as I get to explore the different designers. I imagine the books are made in conjunction with exhibits that are held at the GGG (Ginza Graphics Gallery), so a look at the GGG annual I picked up will probably lead me to certain designers I want to explore a bit more. If you understand Japanese, the books can be ordered through this site (official distributor of the series).