Jean Snow Versus Japanese

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get a stronger handle on Japanese. Yeah, it’s not the first time I wish for this, but it’s really something I need to confront head on, as I’m starting to get embarrassed (for the amount of time I’ve lived here, it’s not where it should be). So, first thing, I will definitely be writing the Level 2 Japanese Proficiency Test at the end of the year. As per Yuko’s suggestion, yesterday I picked up a book to practice for the level 3, as a way of reviewing all my knowledge. As I’m going through various sections, some things are incredibly easy, but some finer points of grammar I’m finding a bit tricky (stuff I’ve learned in the past, but sort of forgot for lack of use). This is good. I’m also doing more listening exercices. And of course, I need to learn more kanji as I’m sick of not being able to read all those amazing Japanese magazines that I browse through every month. I’ve instructed Yuko to gently push me along if I tire, as I sometimes need that kick in the ass to keep me going. Here’s hoping I end the year feeling confident with a language that I’ve struggled with for too long.