Logos Sale

I was in Shibuya yesterday, and found that the Logos Gallery in the basement level of Parco Part 1 is now having a big sale on their art/design books. I picked up two older issues of the magazine MONITOR UNLIMITED (it’s a great Russian design magazine that doesn’t seem to have a website, I only found links to their distribution company). I also spent a good hour at Apres-midi Selecao, listening to lots of CDs. There were so many things I would have loved to get. Ended up having dinner at Planet 3rd, and while Yuko finished up with a parfait, I had imo shochu (potato based shochu, a Japanese alcohol).

Oh, and they had the new James Jarvis figures created for Tower Records, the In-Crowd collaboration. I must say that they look quite nice. This link leads to the Tower sales page, which features all the character designs.