Vertigo Pop! Tokyo

pic_medvpopcvr1I finally got a chance to read VERTIGO POP! TOKYO, which came out 2 years ago from DC Comics’ Vertigo label. Written by Jonathan Vankin and brilliantly illustrated by Seth Fisher (I absolutely need to see some more of this guy’s work), it’s a four issue limited series that takes you on a wild ride of Tokyo. I got an especially big kick out of seeing a lot of the action taking place in Ikebukuro (where I live). The thing is just loads of fun, and although a bit cliched at times (like what you get in LOST IN TRANSLATION), it’s still something I definitely recommend you find and read. The most unfortunate thing though is that DC doesn’t seem to have released this in trade paperback form, which means that to read it you’ll have to hunt down back issues in comics shop, which is just plain ridiculous. As far as I know, the other 2 VERTIGO POP! series, LONDON and BANGKOK, weren’t released as trades either. A real shame.