Chakushin Ari

CHAKUSHIN ARI is Takashi Miike’s new horror film that opens today in Japan. Unlike his other films which usually end up playing in just one theatre in Tokyo for a week, this one seems to be getting quite a bit of push behind it. But no worries, this mainstream entry by Miike still looks like something we would expect from him. From a review at THE DAILY YOMIURI: “Stylistically, Chakushin Ari is one of Miike’s more commercial efforts, as it seems he wants to back up his reputation with a real box-office hit. But Miike’s voice is too loud not to be heard under the flashy visuals of this film. It is his call for all of us, and a rather bleak one at that.” Here’s the review from THE JAPAN TIMES.

And it looks like Miike is really starting the year with a bang, what with another film being released next month. ZEBRAMAN stars supercool Sho Aikawa (the DEAD OR ALIVE series) as some kind of wacky super-hero. My wife, who’s doesn’t watch a lot of movies, was cracking up at the ads and saying that she’d like to see it (she’s never seen a Miike film), so sounds like it could be fun.