Shots in Tokyo and Mirrorball Japan

The latest RES Alert newsletter included info on the following two events happening in the Tokyo area, one of them this weekend.


Ex’Realm Cafe & Gallery
Harajuku Jingumae 1-12-6, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
February 7-8th, 2004 (Sat-Sun), 13.00- 21.00
In advance of a Japan feature in the upcoming Spring issue of the UK-based worldwide advertising and creativity magazine, RATS and hybrid will be presenting a gallery show in association with shots, titled “For Your Creative Health,” including talk show sessions, at Ex’Realm Café and Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. Among the attending guests will be top Japanese and international advertising and creative talents giving insight into their works, with the added chance to view the world’s best selection of commercials and music promos on DVD — from iMacs, G4 and iPod’s kindly supported by Apple — with video projections with a cosy design salon featuring furniture kindly provided by idee.
Gallery DVD Show – free entry
Talk Show sessions – from 1000 Yen (student discount 800 Yen)
Information: + 03 3487 8550 (hybrid)


Skip City AV Hall, Sai no Kuni Plaza
Kamiaoki 3-12-63, Kawaguchi 333-0844, Saitama, Japan
Wednesday, February 11th 2004, 12.30 – 21.00
Mirrorball was born at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 1996, with the aim to prove to the world that music videos were worth more than a passing glance, and that some of the directors who made them were talents to watch out for. The festival has now grown into an internationally acclaimed annual showcase event that presents and celebrates the wealth of global creative talent working in music video and commercials. Do not miss the chance to see the premiere festival of Mirrorball in Japan, in a full day screening event of promos and talks. The program includes a Partizan special screening with attending guests from Partizan London and Paris, Radiohead.TV, McLaren Animated promo special, and Fresh Tracks, showcasing some of the best promos from around the world in 2003.
3 Screening set: 2000 Yen (student discount 1,500 Yen)
Screening ticket: 1000 Yen (student discount 800 Yen)
Information: + 81(0)3 3487 8550 (hybrid)