Kon Satoshi's Paranoia Agent

I just watched the first episode of Kon Satoshi’s (PERFECT BLUE, MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, TOKYO GODFATHERS) new series, his first stab at TV, PARANOIA AGENT, and is it ever good. Like his films, the realism of the environments is always at the forefront (even for MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, he’s quite precise about the various film eras he portrays). I’m loving this because I have no idea where the storyline is heading, which is going to make for an interesting ride (or at least I hope). We first meet a designer who creates characters (think Hello Kitty), who is quickly assaulted one night while heading home. The investigation starts, but it’s hard finding leads. She barely remembers what happened, only that the attacker was young (5th or 6th grader), used a gold bat, and was wearing roller blades. One detective with motives of his own approaches her suggesting she might have invented the whole thing. The first episode ends with the designer in shock on the street as she sees her “attacker” come at her, only to utters the words “taidaima” (I’m home), before rolling away. The headlines the next day announce another “golden bat attack.” Can’t wait to see where this thing will go.