Ito, Sugiyama, and Taniguchi Exhibit at the GGG


The new exhibit at the Ginza Graphic Gallery looks like it might be nice. Covers 3 artists this time: Ito Keiji, Taniguchi Hiroki, and Sugiyama Hiro. Here’s the blurb from REALTOKYO:

A high-tension group show of works by three popular illustrators who have been operating “on the edge” for more than 20 years. On the three walls of the first floor gallery space Ito Keiji’s flashy pop style, Taniguchi Hiroki’s delicate colors, and Hiro Sugiyama’s energetic lines clash with a strangely refreshing effect. In the basement, visitors enter “private rooms” each dedicated to one of the artists, showcasing their distinguished skills in drawing, collage, and other small-scale works and source materials. Witness Japanese top-level illustration, and hear the gallery talk event on 2/20 (reservation required).