Roppongi Crossing


I recently mentioned the Kusamatrix exhibit now taking place at the Mori Art Museum, but the main new show is called ROPPONGI CROSSING, and it’s on now. I’m glad I finally have a reason to go back to the MAM, as it’s quite an impressive space, especially considering that you also have access to the observation deck. I’ve read quite a few harsh critiques of the previous show, HAPPINESS, and I have to say that although I did find it to be a bit of a mish-mash (the themes were definitely forced), it was fun to see so many different works together in one show, and presented in such a wide array of mediums (I particularly loved some of the video installations). Here’s the RT blurb for the new exhibit: “Six of the most noted curators today have selected 57 artists to present in this survey. Shown with what typically goes by the moniker “art” is also product design, sound art, fashion and other works that make this a true cross-genre event. The selection of artists is an effective realization of each curator’s strength, and in my opinion this exhibition is 100 times more impressive than its indigestible predecessor, “Happiness.” I do, however, advise checking it out before seeing the simultaneously held “Kusamatrix” exhibition, as the latter’s impact is so strong you might end up drowning in the flood of dots…”

Also, part of the exonemo work can be experienced online.