This festival-on-a-DVD thing from the 89mm label sounds really cool. Here’s the REALTOKYO blurb:

Launched in 2002 in Berlin, “short film label” 89mm has so far released a number of shorts on floppy disk. In a special project with the e:motion label, this time 89mm presents a DVD containing 13 collaboration pieces by pairs of visual creators and musicians. While films range from B-movie kinds of flicks to cute animation and cutting-edge computer graphics, musical styles include electronica, techno/house, ambient, and electronic rock. With another 12 TV/movie theatre commercials and other films in the “bonus material” section, the DVD offers a rich overview of contemporary creators of sound and image in and around Germany, and to people in Japan it is especially recommended as an appetizer for next year’s “German Year in Japan.

While on the subject of shorts, I recently got the 3 BEST OF RESFEST DVDs, as well as the 3 DVDs from the Director’s Series, covering Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry. I haven’t had a chance to check out the RESFEST shorts yet, but the director DVDs are truly great. I was a bit disapointed that the Spike Jonze one didn’t include more of his music videos (he’s done over 40), but the commentary tracks and other shorts are very nice (especially that Fatlip documentary).