Hikaricho Ramen Meisakuza



I’ve been meaning to write a post about this place for a while, but just sort of forgot about it until this weekend. The Hikaricho Ramen Meisakuza recently opened in Ikebukuro (sometime last month), and is composed of 7 ramen shops that serve different specialties of ramen all in this tiny street off of Sunshine Dori. The place has a Showa era atmosphere, and all the shops bare these huge paintings of the owners in Iron Chef style poses. This week’s METROPOLIS features an article reviewing all 7 shops. Robert came down for a visit last night, and we tried out Ichimonji, which is a Hokkaido specialty shop whose signature is shio ramen. I don’t regularly eat shio ramen that much, and only when I go to Santouka with Yuko, but this one was quite tasty, and not as strong as what I’m used to having. Went down very nicely. It’ll be fun checking out some more of the shops in the coming weeks.