An Afternoon in Ginza

We start another Saturday morning at Kamiyacho, paying visit to the Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic (without going into details, things are better now, and this will hopefully be the last visit for a long time). Instead of staying in the area like previous weeks, we hop on the the subway to backtrack two stations and get off at Ginza. First off is a visit at the Apple Store, where I’m mostly looking for info on USB cables for mobile phones (that support Apple’s iSync), and end up also getting an iSight. While, there I take the time to post some findings, and Yuko checks her email and does some web searches for cheap restaurants in the area (we don’t end up going, but there’s a Vietnamese place I’d like to try out). We then go the Ginza Graphics Gallery to see what’s happening there (I haven’t checked the website this month). I’m very pleasantly surprised by what awaits us: a magazine design exhibit by a group called Cap, including nice coverage of some of my favorite magazines (BRUTUS and CASA BRUTUS – more on the exhibit, with a few pics in a future post).

We then walk to Yurakucho to have lunch at Meal Muji, only to find out that we missed lunch hour (they have certain menus for different parts of the day). We still spend some time there, and Yuko gets a skirt and some cosmetic accessories. I wonder if the Martha Stewart Living store in the same building will still be there on my next visit. We then drop by the Okinawa food shop, where we get some more chinsuko cookies, as well as some noodles.

Back in Ikebukuro, we stop at Matsumoto Kiyoshi (the main drugstore chain in Tokyo) for some supplies, and then head for Junkudo for some magazine/book browsing. I’m overjoyed to see a new non-regular issue of CASA BRUTUS on the stands, another Muji special. I’ll pick it up later this week. The new AXIS is also out.

It’s been a few days since the outing, and Yuko ended up eating all of the chinsuko cookies. Damn.