SKIP CITY International D-Cinema Festival

They could maybe shorten the title a tad, but the SKIP CITY International D-Cinema Festival does sound like something worth checking out. The whole complex in general sounds intriguing, and even though it’s in the burbs up north in Saitama, it’s not that long a train ride from Ikebukuro. Here’s the RT blurb:

Opened in February 2003 in Kawaguchi, the SKIP City film production complex was established by the Saitama prefectural government as a cooperative project with the private sector (to be concluded in 2033). Sainokuni Visual Plaza, the central part of the project, is equipped with film studios, screening halls, a museum, a visual library and other facilities, and besides this the project supports venture enterprises and the nurturing of talented filmmakers. In this festival SKIP City explores the possibilities of “D(igital)-Cinema”, in an international film competition, symposia and others. Seize the opportunity and pay a visit to the film city that’s located just a 30-minute train ride from Tokyo Station.