Kahimi Karie

VICL-35620Kahimi Karie is back with a new single, the previously mentioned “Nana” (you can listen to a sample here). I was really looking forward to this single, and after listening to it a few times today, I have to say that “Nana” is not leaving much of an impression on me, but I’m quite enjoying the other 3 tracks on the single, one of them an instrumental track (“Divers”), and another a remix (“Free Line (KI’s Tech Down Beat Mix)”). The main track is the one that might sound the most like her nineties output (more of a pop song), but the other tracks seem to continue with what she was exploring in her last full length, TRAPEZISTE, an album I quite like (samples here). Makes me really curious about her upcoming album, MONTAGE, to see in what direction she’ll be going (I’m voting for the relaxed experimental jazz sounds of her last album).