45 Under 45

The Museum of Modern Art in Saitama will be hosting a new exhibit from April 6 (until May 5) entitled 45 UNDER 45 – YOUNG ARCHITECTURE. From RT:

I somehow find it difficult to warm to architects. That’s partly because of their forceful, presentation-trained voices, but also the snooty comment from some star architect on the remark that the roof of his construction let water in does its bit: “my architecture is art, so don’t you complain about a little water!” Anyway, this exhibition introduces architects from the CAD generation, which means those born in 1956 and later. On display are creations by Aoki Jun, Sejima Kazuyo, Nishizawa Ryue, Tsukamoto Yoshiharu, Kaijima Momoyo, Mikan and others. Some of them already enjoy celebrity status, and I really wish they don’t become like the maestro mentioned above. “Under 45”, by the way, refers to the architects’ age at the time of selection for this show, which explains why the likes of Ban Shigeru and Dan Norihiko are included.