Konishi Yasuharu

B0001BUDL4.09.MZZZZZZZPizzicato Five week continues with a new Readymade International compilation featuring tracks written by Konishi Yasuharu, KIMI NI NARITAI. I was listening to it today, and although I was familiar with a few of the tracks, most of them were new to me, and quite enjoyable. Patrick says: “Although I knew at least half of the 16 songs, the rest revealed great stuff I didn’t know! There’s a version of “Kiss” (which I knew as sung by Miyamura Yuko on SANKYU) sung by Iwamoto Chiharu, and apparently the song was written for her in the first place. There’s also a new Readymade mix of Inoue Mutsumi’s “Dakishimetai” (one of Konishi’s favorite songs by himself). Pre-orders directly through Readymade International had a bonus commentary CD-R called KONISHI YASUHARU – ‘KIMI NI NARITAI’ O KATARU (talking about KIMI NI NARITAI), of Konishi-san speaking over the tracks and telling the story behind them. This compilation was selected by the girls working at Readymade International, and it’s all songs he wrote for young girls.” He also transcribed a bunch of the comments Konishi makes, which I’ll post in the comment area.