Finally, OK Fred

After a very long time searching, I finally got myself a copy of the third issue of OK FRED. It just wasn’t available in the big shops here in Ikebukuro, and I wouldn’t always think to look for it when I was in other areas of Tokyo. Robert, who does some writing for them, recently told me that I could get it at the Tower Records in Shibuya. As I was in Shibuya this afternoon (after a quick coffee at Space Shower Brunch in Shimokitazawa with Lil), I had a look and after not seeing on the stands asked a clerk for it, and he got a copy for me from the back room. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it looks like it’s going to make for a good read. Features interviews with the following: Arto Lindsay, Jim O’rourke, David Toop, Taylor Deupree, Team Doyobi, Franck Stofer, Nobukazu Takemura, Florian Hecker, Ekkehard Ehlers, O.Lamm, John Zorn, Max Tundra, Tom Steinle, Markus Popp. E*Rock,Jad Fair, Tim Gane, Vladislav Delay, Dj Spooky, Bundy K Brown, Erik Ed Benndorf, Chicks On Speed, Carsten Nicolai, Donna Summer, Dat Politics, Active Suspension (JC, Domotic, O.Lamm, Shinsei, Davide Balula), Event10, Teki Latex (TTC), Tacteel, Sebastien Jamain, Gel:, Toyama Takeo, Eater, Oorutaichi, Samurai Jazz, Raft Music, Noble, Noise McCartney Records, Flyrec., Progressive Form, Para Disc, Fennesz, D-Fuse, and Peter Saville.