ART iT 3

The new issue of REALTOKYO‘s art magazine, ART iT, is out. It’s the photography issue.

ART iT magazine’s “Photography in Japan” special comes with an increased number of pages, featuring: interviews and visual introductions to the works of Noguchi Rika and Ohtake Shinro; ART iT’s selection of “8 Japanese photographers to watch”; Asada Akira’s article on Nakahira Takuma; Takahashi Genichiro’s introduction to Araki and Moriyama Daido; an interview with Homma Takashi, and more. The common denominator of ART iT’s view of photography is what we call the “jolt factor”, and based on this criterion we went out to track down the supposed leaders of the next generation of photography in the country. New additions to the line-up of regular features include drag queen Margarita’s column, as well as the “Curator Interview” section we dedicated to the introduction of young curators in Japan. For this issue we met Art Tower Mito curator Kubota Kenji (know to RT readers from his “Tokyo Initiators’ Diary”), who has recently put together the “Lonely Planet” exhibition. Now run to the nearest bookstore and get yourself a copy!