Interaction Design Institute Ivrea


I saw that Jean had already written about my recent trip to Milano. While eating and drinking my way though the press opening of this years new addition to the furniture fair; Street Dining Design at Triennale di Milano, I found an interesting floor showing student projects from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. The title of the exhibition was “This is today – the invasion of the interactive body snatchers” and brought together some of their works: a classic olivetti “lettera 22” typewriter that sends email; interactive wallpaper which, when touched lightly, enables you to give commands to your household appliances; an inflatable room where you can leave digital audiograffiti (Me shouting ‘Fuck the hype!’ echoed for about 5 min), a table that functions as a virtual fortune-teller, and a vintage Fiat 500 car that “downloads” mp3 files while being refueled, and many other things.

I also got a free issue of the bilingual (italian / english) interaction design magazine “Cluster – on innovation”.

Update (16/08/21): This post was part of a week-long “Next Century Modern Blog” stint, by guest blogger Jesper Larsson. The photo is no longer available.

By Jean Snow

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