Appu Appu

New exhibition at NADiff gives me a good excuse to go to Aoyama (it’s been a while). APPU APPU sees a collaboration between novelist Fujunaga Shin and painter Murase Kyoko. The fine folks at REALTOKYO have this to say:

Kyoto resident novelist Fukunaga Shin, and painter Murase Kyoko, who presently lives and works in Dusseldorf, Germany, have been collaborating on what was just released in form of a book titled “Appu Appu”. To celebrate the publication, the two have created an “underwater” kind of space by painting the walls of NADiff’s gallery. The result is a place that’s so perfect an environment for enjoying the book that it makes visitors feel like taking the entire space home together with the book. Sometimes Fukunaka’s texts and Murase’s drawings swim together in the underwater scenery set up in the gallery, but basically each of them has created a world of its own, in his/her own pace: Fukunaga’s writings seem to describe infinite, dreamlike experiences, while Murase’s drawings create a feel of sitting in a room and locating the surrounding lights.

Reminds me that there are a few things I want to check out in Aoyama: the Intelligent Idiot and BOOK246 bookstores, whatever is going on at Spiral right now (which includes a listening session at the excellent Spiral Records), and probably some other things that I’m not thinking of right now. I’m also way past due for drinks at Office.