From the description, I’m sort of intrigued by this release on the ATAK label.

The third original album from ATAK is at once the first by a non-Japanese artist. Originally an Icelandic garage band, Stilluppsteypa have been distributing an original blend of their punk roots and minimal electronic music through various labels. After a first appearance at ATAK on the “60 sound artists…” anti-war compilation, a full album on the label comes rather surprising. The combo’s freakish attire and unpredictable style mix don’t seem to go well with ATAK’s reputable minimalism and monochromatic simplicity in sound, design, and album titles. The music here ranges in fact from what may have been recorded during street performances in Paris, via easy-listening kind of melodies, to aggressive experimentation in the darker spheres of electronica. Closing with a 23 minute-long sound art piece, this is the most eventful ATAK release to date. The contrasts between the images of musicians and label, and between acoustic and optical presentation add to it a nicely ambiguous element that might open new doors to ATAK. (REALTOKYO)

A release party will take place May 21 at the new Sign in Daikanyama (not the original one in Aoyama).