Erochica Bamboo


erocica-bioErochica Bamboo is a Japanese burlesque dancer who often performs at the Amaranth Lounge (I just found out about her after she left a comment in a post I had written about the Amaranth). Do yourself a favor and check out her site.

Here’s some bio info:

Hailing from Tokyo Japan, the lovely Miss Erochica began her dance career when she was 18 years old while a student attending a Tokyo art school. Tired of waiting for her oils to dry, she let a friend talk her into trying ‘Burlesque’ at a local Cabaret and she loved it very much and found her way! As a result, ‘Erochica Bamboo’ was born. She has been performing at many cabarets and night clubs and gay parties not only TOKYO but also around the world. Enveloped in feathers and sequins, she delights her audiences with sensual and tasteful performances. She has quickly risen to stardom, becoming one of Japan’s premiere burlesque dancers , photo models and film actresses. A career highlight happened this past year when she was crowned the prestigious title of ‘Miss Exotic World 2003’.