Nakahira Takuma


In this ‘portrait movie’ (as it is referred to in the press release), popular photographer Homma Takashi portrays the daily life of Japanese ‘photography legend’ Nakahira Takuma, whom he has been visiting frequently over the period of four years. But the man who appears on the screen doesn’t have much of a legend, but just looks like an ever-smiling, good-natured old man. Presumedly an after effect of his amnesia, Nakahira keeps muttering mostly inaudible gibberish that makes one feel like asking fo subtitles, but that’s in fact an essential part of the man and the reality he lives in. Homma’s camera captures such sceneries ‘illustrated botanical dictionary’ style, and although with 40 minutes the film appears rather short, that’s probably just another typical Nakahira/Homma effect. Don’t miss also the photo exhibition of the same title that’s presently being shown at NADiff. (REALTOKYO)

I’ll cop to not having heard of Nakahira Takuma, but this project sounds interesting. It’s also a good excuse to head out to NADiff for a look-see (and drool over all the books I can’t afford). The screening of the movie takes place at Eurospace 1 in Shibuya (June 5 to early August). You can also get more info at the Slowlearner page.