TSiG Magazine Exhibition


Magazine Exhibition


For Tokyo Style in Gothenburg we will arrange a Japanese magazine exhibition, showing and promoting different Japanese magazines we like. The exhibition will take place at the cultural building Röda Sten (www.rodasten.com) in Gothenburg, in the huge main room which holds 12 meters to the roof. You can find some pictures of the venue here.

A chance to exhibit in Sweden
Since we are a low budget independent festival organized by a network of young creative people in Gothenburg, who all works for free, we were hoping you would like to sponsor us with some magazines for this exhibition. We will promote each magazine and provide information how to subscribe or buy it outside of Japan. If you are interested in helping out please send us as many magazines as you like to the address below, and we will be ever grateful.

We would like:

Sent to the address:
Kulturprojekt Röda Sten
c/o Tokyo Style in Gothenburg
Röda Sten 1
414 51 Göteborg

We need your magazines before the 10th of august 2004

We arrange this festival out of love and fascination for Japan and its contemporary culture, and are hoping this is something you want to support. If you have any questions regarding the festival or magazine exhibition feel free to contact us at: info@tsig.se

I’m helping out with this exhibition, so any publisher can also get directly in touch with me if they want to participate in this.