It used to be fairly rare for Japanese to buy pets, but in recent years even space-crammed inner city dwellers have started buying cats and dogs in droves. Now… condominium resident pet owners are discovering that dealing with their animals’ sexual cravings is a little more difficult than merely hurling a bucket of water when Rover gets randy.

Gori-chan is the name a 47-year-old housewife has given to the stuffed toy gorilla her 8-year-old male miniature dachshund Juri can’t do without. “Gori-chan is our little boy Juri’s sex object… We’ll go for a walk during the mating season and Juri gets so excited when he meets a female dog, when we get home he goes wild until we bring Gori-chan out. It’s a fairly big toy, so we normally keep Gori-chan in a spare room, but Juri barks like mad until we let him into the room. As soon as we open the door, he races in and starts humping away on Gori-chan, not stopping until he’s ejaculated.

“Gori-chan is like Juri’s love doll.”

Full article here. Link via Die Puny Humans.