Ramen Versus Curry and Rice

Nao is reading a book by Terayama Shuji (sorry, I don’t have the title), and she was describing to me the following, which I found quite interesting. He writes that although ramen and “curry and rice” are both loved by students and salarymen in Japan, he believes that 2 groups exist. The “curry and rice” men are more apt to maintain the status quo, and tend to be conservative. The ramen men (that’s me), on the other hand, are frustrated types (I’m not sure here exactly what she meant by this though), and tend to be revolutionary. Terayama equates “curry and rice” to concepts like home, mother, and wife, while ramen is more town/city.

I’m more into ramen (of course), and although I’m not sure if I’m frustrated or revolutionary, I can say that I’m definitely a city boy.