My new guilty pleasure right now is the single “I Sing, I Say” by Little. I rarely find anything interesting happening in the J-pop landscape these days, but there’s a nice breezy air to this that helps make the Summer heat just a bit more bearable (funny how music helps me fight the heat, but it’s true). Little was one of the MCs in the now defunct rap group Kick the Can Crew, a unit I really didn’t like at all. But this new solo track, featuring light raps over classic video-gaming samples, feels right. Another thing that probably makes the track interesting for me is the fact that the producer is DJ Fumiya of Rip Slyme (probably the only Japanese rap group that I can stand), who is the producer behind another guilty pleasure fave, Halcali. I’ll probably get tired of it quickly, but for now I’ll turn and watch the video when it pops up on SpaceShowerTV. You can listen to a sample of it here.