Short 5

The following looks like it would be interesting, but unfortunately it’s not playing with English subs.

Only five films in the short film category of the Cannes Film Festival received critical acclaim. Their degree of accomplishment was of course high, but that’s not all. Living up to all the pre-screening chatter, “First Film”, a montage of 65,000 clips from 300 films, was staggering, but my personal favorite was “Play with Me”. The scene of the woman floating on water in the quiet Dutch air conjures up a skin-level “illusion” of melting into the scene. This is a film with an entirely new sensibility — the first time in a long time I just surrendered. Shown at Uplink’s new space (which prides itself in its new seats). As an aside: the SBK crew’s comments will give you a laugh. (REALTOKYO)

It starts at Uplink X on July 31. You can watch a trailer here.