KUHAKU is a book just published by Chin Music Press, and it looks really nice. One of the people involved lives not far from here (we’ve talked about cafes in the area). You can read interviews with the authors and view art here, and they even have a canned coffee review section (I’ve probably moblogged a lot of these in my quest for the perfect can of coffee).

I also like how they go about describing the book:

Kuhaku is… about Japan, 112 mm wide, 180 mm high (perfect for your bag), covered in light grey brill #4003 cloth with a 2c foilstamp and 2c silkscreen (perfect for your sense of touch), laid out with minion pro 12/10 on 120g munken pure (perfect for your eyes), 224 pages long filled with 16 stories / essays / accounts and over 10 illustrations featuring kozyndan and peyote, with two full color chapters, by 10 authors and 3 artists, designed in over 20 different locations, printed in Iceland, packaged with love.

What’s not to like. You can order it directly from this page.

Update: You can pick it up now at Book 246 and the Tsutaya at Roppongi Hills, and it will eventually pop up in other interesting bookshops in the city (Intelligent Idiot, Nadiff, and the like). They are presently working on getting some distribution going in North America, so it will also be available there in the near future.