Miike Goes English

And I’m not sure how this makes me feel. I’ve seen so many Asian movie directors get sucked into the Hollywood abyss, and I don’t really want to see the same thing happen to such an interesting filmmaker (although he already has his hits and misses). The film with Kuriyama Chiaki (KILL BILL’s Go Go Yubari) could be fun though. Here’s the scoop from AICN:

Screendaily has announced that Takashi Miike has signed up to direct Dragon’s Fin Soup, his first ever English language film. The film is being described as “a fantasy comedy, telling of an encounter between an American ex-pat, a young Chinese woman living in Chinatown and a dragon” and is based on a novella by Thai writer S.P. Somtow. He will start work on this film after he completes his first children’s film The Big Spook War which is being described as a Harry Potter-esque film about ghosts and goblins starring Go Go Yubari herself, Chiaki Kuriyama. Should be a great and unique set of films when they both finally come out.